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Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
picked up by taxis here in washington. and 9news went undercover only to find the problem is a lot more common than most of us would want to believe. one cabbie even admits on camera he didn't pick up a guy because of the color of his skin. russ ptacek joins us now with the story we thought we wouldn't to have tell any more. >> many of you tweeted me stories of taxis refusing service to blacks, stories one would hope we wouldn't be able to prove true on our hidden camera. but we did. >> what's up, man? >> out of all the cabs we tested -- >> malcolm x elementary school. >> all over d.c. >> thanks, man. >> the majority agreed to take the black passenger where he wanted to go. his destination? the malcolm x elementary and rec center where neighbors say cabs seldom come. >> when i said 1370 congress street, they say, i'm not going that way. >> i can't get a ride there. it's very hard. >> reporter: it's at savannah and congress in southeast. we tested 40 cabs. the question is would they take a black man to the destination he requested. this taxi driver would not. watch carefully as this cab
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
daughter get on a bus early this evening in southeast washington, but only one of them get out alive. >> it's sad, i don't understand. >> reporter: it happened near the intersection of 18th street and minnesota avenue in southeast washington. >> it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. never had a problem. >> reporter: that's where the police chief says that a woman was getting on a bus with her young daughter. >> the child believed to be under the age of three. >> when a man came up behind them. >> once they got on the bus, a male subject followed close behind her and opened fire into the bus. >> reporter: the woman was hit several times and pronounced dead on the bus. >> it looked like she was targeted. >> reporter: while the woman's daughter may have been grazed by a bullet was rushed to the nearby hospital. >> there's some sort of a wound to the baby. >> reporter: long-time residence here. >> i've been living on this corner here raising my corner. >> reporter: said they were absolutely stunned by the sickening spasm of violence. >> i don't believe it. while they renewed her call for increased
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
's investigative reporter russ ptacek with the latest from the washington guardian. >> reporter: a watchdog group says the government is spending about six times what it should to make specialized drip pans costing you $17,000 a pop. it's the specialized drip pan for the army's blackhawk helicopter. when the army switched its contract to a new supplier, the price tag, $17,000 each. that's when republican congressman hal rogers from kentucky comes into the story. he's the chairman of the house appropriations committee. that $17,000 replacement drip pan comes from a supplier in his kentucky district. in a 2009 press release, rogers took credit for getting his district's phoenix products millions in new business with the drip pan. washington guardian says what the congressman did was the supplier's ceo and husband are contributors to his political action committee. >> we the taxpayers have been on the hook for millions of dollars for drip pans that are needlessly expensive, all because a congressman wants business in his district to be getting this contract. >> reporter: the center for responsibilit
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
much bigger for the washington redskins than this sunday. it's a chance to cap off an incredible second half of the season run with their first playoff berth since 2005 on the line. what better way toned it than against their most hated rivals. sunday's game is big for both teams. the winner wins the division and heads to the postseason while the other could very well stay on the outside looking in. redskins-cowboys has always had a different feeling. the game is much more intense. rgiii says' well aware of what this rivalry is all about and would, of course, like nothing more than to come out on top night. know all about the cowboys. i've got friends that work for the cowboys, but i was never -- i didn't dislike the cowboys, but i was never a fan. i'm a washington redskin. hopefully i'll be that for the rest of my life. i plan on going out and getting this win. >> dallas may have a more experienced leader in tony perkins but what haunts them is big season ending games. they faced a similar situation last year but got hammered by the giants. they say it's those type of experiences that
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
. they will hold a major news conference on this in washington to further explain that condition. during the self-imposed blackout the nra took down its facebook page. tonight it's back up again and folks on both sides of the gun control issue are sounding off and weighing in. one person writes i upped to a life membership because i trust the nra to protect americans and their right to keep and bear arms. i hope i don't have to cut up and send my membership card in on friday. another one says you really need assault rifles to defend your home in case someone breaks in. the very guns soldiers carry into war? there should be more restrictions on the sale of assault rifles. a cbs poll shows 57% of americans now support stricter gun control laws and that's the highest it's been in a decade. those in favor of gun control have their work cut out for them. the nra's lobbying budget, 66% greater than the brady foundation, the leading gun control organization. if you're a gun control advocate, you also have to deal with this number. an estimated 3 million americans that already own a rifle called the ar-1
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
yards to the washington 27- yard line. here come romo and the cowboys starting to drive, but romo misfires. open arms of the rookie richard crawford who reverses for 11 yards. take two starts off better. alfred morris 19 yards, up near the 50. facing 3rd and 4 on dallas 35, rgiii sprints nine yards for the 1st down. but the redskins drive would stall and they settle for a field goal. but his kick bounces off the upright. no good. his first miss of the year and his career. looked like the cowboys would capitalize inside redskins territory. tony romo underthrows his receiver into the arms of josh wilson. romo, two picks in two drives. the cowboys start to gel. romo with the dart over the middle to a wide open harris. 25 yards into redskins territory. romo gets all the time in the world. finally scrambles and finds jason witten in the end zone for the score. the cowboys lead 7-0. but the redskins answer right back. alfred morris, big night for the rookie. takes a handoff. 13 yards and across the 50. next play, give to the morris. this time, quick pick, finds the crease in the dallas
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
. redskins respond. washington took a 13-10 lead into the half. second half things getting good. watch this pass right here. perfection personified. griffin to moss, 22 yards. 27-10 skins. eagles fight back, chance to tie in the final second. foles throws it away but the ball didn't make it back to the line of scrimmage so it's grounding at the penalty. redskins win 27-20. >> i think that's where our football team is right now. they expect to win. that's where you feel very good about the character of your guys. >> this is what we worked for. we knew if we took care of our business coming out of the bye week, that anything in our hands so we've worked hard to put ourselves in this position. >> we're playing the best ball we have all year at the right time. we're rolling. we all know that. it's been a change in our mind set since after the by week. i think everybody's just dialed in now. >> bruce, this is when it gets interesting. redskins cowboys next week. the winner wins the nfc east. they go to the playoffs. if dallas loses they're out of the playoffs. if the redskins lose, they can
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
is slamming verizon wireless. the company is contracted to route 911 calls throughout most of the washington area. according to him they have fallen short. >> the whole purpose of having 911 is when you need it, it works. >> reporter: he cites recent weather events that have knocked out the system as examples of where they've failed. during the 2010-11 winter several storms like snowmageddon interrupted service. more recently this summers deer re summers derecho did the same thing. now he and others are behind a push to verizon to improve their service or face scrutiny. >> if verizon can't be counted on to do that voluntarily then we need the fcc to step in and promulgate new regulations and to make sure they're enforced. >> reporter: verizon fired back. they said they've learned to improve themselves. a spokesman wrote, verizon's network performed well during and after sandy as backup power seamlessly kicked in including arlington. but that most recent performance stle assurance for an uneasy congressman who believes lives are in jeopardy. >> this is all about protecting the public. >> the
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> reporter: all that stands in the way of a washington post- season is dallas. >> we're not just doing it for parcels, we're door it for them and the fans. i know the fans will make sure the stadium is electric and really exciting and we'll definitely have a home field advantage. >> to the hard core heading into tonight's game, the wizards lost eight straight. the magic not much better. fourth quarter, wiz up 10. working the two-man game. webster with a dunk. wizards win. i did not misspeak, they won. 105-97 to get their fourth of the season. time though announce the number three d.c. sports moment of 2012. this one's going to hurt. we go back to the game five. that's the game where the nats were 6-0 lead and a trip to the nlcs. by the time in the 8th, it was just a 6-50 lead. still needing five outs to end the game. instead it was tied. this go ahead two run single for the stunning 9-7 loss. and their post-season dreams came to an abrupt end. >> yeah, man. we were there that night. and that was just awful. bummer. >> well, the next two moments will be a little bit more inspiring we ho
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
, 9 sports. >> thank you very much. george washington hosted bmi. love those cadets. what can brown do for you? that a 3. they were 9 of 21 from downtown. good ball moving here. colonials win 76-67. george mason on the road at richmond. great ballgame here. big old derrick williams got a lot of junk in his trunk. 270 pounds he can still get up and flush. spiders up by 12. serious rally by the patriots. there goes my hero at the buzzer. >> patriots win. down in richmond, barnett, his only triple of the game, it's a good one from downtown. the monarchs hanging in. painter following that loose rock, picks it up and scores. old dominion 63-61. >>> some redskins football now. the doctors cleared rg3 to play. in 14 hours we will see him fly up in philly. probably a good thing they held him out last week, gave him an extra week to get ready. now he faces that eagles defense that's been swiss cheese this season. but it's a tough division game and they like nothing better than to derail rg3 and the redskins. >> techniques, they're known for, aren't showing up as much. they still run them, but t
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)